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May 1, 2004


There's something wonderful about being by yourself on a rainy day. I light my candles, all of them-- in every room. I clean my house so my space is as uncluttered as my mind. I put on my favorite pair of jeans and a tank top, and no shoes. I make an ameretto sour, I turn on my favorite music, and I just let the day go where it will. Whatever takes my fancy, that's what I do.

When I was little, my mom used to put out these big pots to collect the rainwater, and that night, we'd use it to wash our hair. I remember watching from the window as the pots filled up, and I can still feel how cold the water felt on my head. Clean water, pure, straight from the heavens... Washing away the normalcy of life. It was such a wonderfully strange thing to do.

I think that's why days like today are so meaningful to me, because it's not my normal day, my normal way. I get the chance to wash away all the mediocre, all the repetitions of my usual life, and just for a minute, feel nothing but the refreshment that falls from the sky.

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