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October 25, 2005

Over My Coffee

Good morning, mates!

Ya know, I don't normally cuss. We've had that discussion before, whether WonderGirl should or should not have a potty mouth. The consensus is that she should keep it clean, so mmkay. I'm down with that. But sometimes, like YESTERDAY, I need some way to express the sheer horrible-ness of a day... so what do I do? What particular words are available to convey just how YUCKY a day was? (See, "yucky" just makes me mad.) Anyway, there isn't an appropriate word to say just how ungood Monday was. Let's just say it was filled with doctors, shots, cats on the roof, traffic, crying babies, and fluctuating hormones.


So THANK GOODNESS, it's Tuesday. Yippee!!! One week from today, I will be finishing the last frantic preparations for our trip to Baltimore, and we'll fly out at 3 pm. Hooray!!

Okay, I have to hurry up and scoot off here, because King Pen is taking the computer to work.

Miss me, guys. Miss me like crazy.

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We do... I do... miss you like crazy....

Posted by: Aunt Vickie at October 25, 2005 8:53 AM

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