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January 31, 2006

Don't Make Me Come Over There

I really need to read some blogs that update on like, an hourly basis. 'Cause lately, my blog roll has become the place where blogs go to die. Hello! People! Look alive out there!

*emphatic glare*

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Oh, It Matters.

"Yahtzee" is quite possibly the most fun word in the English language. Go ahead. Say it.

No - Say it like you mean it.

Yeah! See what I mean?

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January 30, 2006

Talk Nerdy To Me

I've been getting it a lot lately- the name calling, the teasing, the kick-me sticker on the back routine-- and I'm out to tell you, good naturedly of course, to bugger off. Nerds rule. We do. Especially Nerd Girls.

I've compiled a short list of why.


Nerd Girls Rule Because:

1. We save the day with sweet book smarts. Lisa Simpson, anybody? Diana Prince? Willow? Those hours in the library will one day save your butt from an asteroid or a demon. Trust it.

2. Boys, you don't have to hide your secret crush on Lara Croft. Cause we already bought the tickets, baby.

3. We know exactly how MacGyver did that, and yes, we can recreate it for your science project.

4. We're a limitless resource for obscure Star Trek trivia and Vanilla Ice lyrics, which comes in handy more often than you'd think.

5. We rock the casbah with a multi-dimensional wardrobe: robes, capes, flight suits, black leather, you name it. And we're totally comfortable wielding crossbows, sabers, swords, daggers, PPG's, phasers, whatever the situation calls for. And we're happy to wear it all to the theater or a convention or a book signing, in full view of the public, with no shame whatsoever. (On second thought, maybe I should leave this one off this list...)

6. Cause this is by invitation only, and all you non-nerds don't stand a chance without us.

7. We may drive a Nissan Altima, but read the bumpersticker, pal. You know it.

8. We're very loyal to our species. Your only competition is an elf or possibly a werewolf, and since they remain fictional and probably incapable of producing offspring anyway, you're our number one guy (in this dimension, obviously.)

9. We have mad spelling skills.

10. Cause Geek Chic is 01000-01111-10100, baby. H-O-T

Okay, so maybe I didn't prove my point entirely. But I'll tell you this. Nerds are some of the most interesting, productive, genuine people you'll ever meet. Some of us are more well adjusted than others, and true, you may find a scary nerd here and there who only speaks Klingon and smells like cheetos-- but mostly we're just normal everyday folks. We can help you with your computer, we can find an appropriate Monty Python or Jack Handy quote for any occasion, and we can tell you a nine letter word for "complex" (intricate, by the way.)

And if you don't believe us, just ask our counterparts, the Nerd Boys. They'll tell you we're 7 of 9, Buffy, Nausicaa, Ripley, Sara Connor, Eowyn, and Dark Angel all wrapped up into one. You can't argue with proof like that. It would be downright... illogical, as Mr. Spock says.


Irrefutable, undeniable evidence that we do, indeed, rock.

So there.

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Two For Flinching

Monday? Please don't hurt me.


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January 29, 2006

Pass the Tissues

Stayed home from church today with the boys-- they were still too sick to get out of the house. Made lunch, cleaned up a bit, and then realized with a shock that there wasn't much else to do. So I plopped down on the couch and flipped through the tv stations, finally settling on a movie I'd only caught bits and pieces of in the past- Alive. You know it? Soccer team that crashed in the Andes, survived for ten weeks, ate a couple of the more non-essential players? (Okay, so that was a bit wrong of me. Sue me. You didn't think I could pass up that kind of opportunity, did you?) Anyway- my point is, it's an emotional movie, and I cried at the end. When it was over, I changed the channel, and there was the end of Simon Birch. So I watched it. And cried. Then I flipped again, and there was the end of Legend of the Fall. So I watched. And cried.


And since I was on a roll, I went ahead and watched Million Dollar Baby, Old Yeller, Cold Mountain, Bambi, A Walk to Remember, Where the Red Fern Grows, Charlotte's Web, and Titanic.

Might as well get it all over with at once, ya know?

So that was my morning. Except for the severe depression, dehydration, and occasional suicidal thought, it wasn't all that bad.

(Kidding, mom.)

Now. Off to watch something insanely happy and funny and not at all involving cannibalism or little heros or tragic love.

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January 28, 2006

Spinning the Grooves

Anna Nalick's got my attention. She's also got an old sweater of mine that I wish she'd return, ahem. Just kidding, I don't know her. But I'm loving her music. Soulful, for a twenty-year old.

And I think it was Sara McLaughlin who borrowed that sweater, come to think of it. I'm so calling that chick.

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January 27, 2006

Is It Safe Out?

Still alive-- technically.

No, it's okay. We had a rough few days, but it's looking up. Hope to get lots of r&r this weekend, and if I'm lucky, some good blog time, too.

Now, I have got to get life pulled back together around here. It's like a nuclear fall out in this house!

To the chores! *donning safety goggles*

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January 26, 2006

News from the Front

Oh, and an update on the boys.

After a very bad day yesterday, HeroBoy woke up much better this morning. No fever, and he's talking to us again, so that's a good sign. I was sure I was going to have to take them to the doctor today, but I think we might be over the worst of it. The Duke takes his cues from big brother, so I think he's doing better also.

And can I send out a big thank you to Debby for being such best friend material? She called last night, offering to pick up Czarina from school this afternoon so I wouldn't have to get out with sick kids. She's so in the running for the 2006 title, Best Friend Ever! There's a sash and everything.

Okie doke- off with me. Stuff to do.

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Present Progressive

Cause it never gets old, (and frankly, because I don't have time for much blogging today!) let's ING. Join in if you dare.

Reading: "Kringle" -Tony Abbot
Drinking: Agua, amigos!
Listening: Rocking Horse Winner.
Feeling: Warily optimistic.
Watching: Project Runway. I know, I know. Shameful.
Snacking: String cheese. Cause it's stringy. And cheesy.
Humming: Bitter Sweet Symphony. (love me some Verve!)
Wearing: The best jeans ever.
Cooking: Yikes. I knew I was forgetting to do something.
Posing: As a grown-up.
Paying: Attention. Ha.
Dreaming: Sandy shores, turquoise waters.
Smelling: Wild sage. Heavenly.
Loving: that January is almost over. Yip!
Anticipating: Trip to see PlayDo Britt, I mean, Echo Johnson.

Thank you, thank you. *bowing with flourish* No, you're too kind. Stop it, you're embarassing me.

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January 25, 2006


Status of the day so far: not so good. HeroBoy and the Duke are two sick puppies. Rabid, snarling, angry puppies. They both have high fevers, horrible UNSTOPPABLE runny noses, streaming eyes, and scary hacky coughs. HeroBoy even threw up this morning, but I think it was because the coughing triggered his gag reflex. We were up a good bit of the night, and started the day out very early, and it hasn't been pretty around here. Things are going down fast.

So I did what any sane mother would do in her time of crisis- I hightailed it to the video store and loaded up on cartoons. I cleaned 'em out. No way am I facing a day like today without some serious ammunition. Toy Story, Bob the Builder, Tarzan-- I've pulled out the big guns.

The Duke, however, is unimpressed with such displays of power. He is inconsolable, even in the face of animated tractors and talking potato heads. The only thing that seems to work is... well, nothing. Nothing, do you hear me??

Okay- back into the trenches. If you don't hear from me again soon, for the love of pete, send reinforcements! And some good, strong whiskey while you're at it.

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January 24, 2006

A Caffeinated Life


Good morning, everybody. I woke up this morning with a singular thought in my head: coffee. It was of highest importance-- everything hinged on some artificial get up and go, cause there was nothing natural about forcing consciousness on my weary little body today. Luckily, King Pen had a pot brewing and I managed to drag myself towards the smell. No more midnight writing!! Oh, that's a lie. I know good and well that midnight is my happy hour. Sigh. But, I am finally making progress with some of my stuff, so the trade off is worth it. I realized something-- actually it's what they ALL tell you about writing but I somehow didn't get until recently. You have to WRITE everyday, as much as you can-- even if you have no idea where the story is going or what the heck you're doing. I had this idea that my characters needed to be fully developed, well thought out people before I put the story into motion. I spent so much time thinking, trying to establish the story line and characters, that I didn't get anywhere! Now that I've taken some of the pressure off, and just let the story go where it will, I find that I am more excited and productive. It might be absolute crap, but that's what a good rewrite is for. I am just happy that things are happening!

So much to do... seriously, how are we supposed to accomplish everything? I want to lead a balanced life, which means several things to me. I want to eat right and excercise. I want to nourish my brain with reading and writing. I want to take care of my family and my home. I want to have meaningful relationships with my friends and extended family. I want to teach my children, and I want to play with them. I want to spend time with my husband. I want to do things well- I want to sew, to scrapbook, to research my family history, to blog, to make my world beautiful....

There aren't enough hours in the day to do all those things. Obviously, there are some things more important than others. But I am greedy. There is a feast of things before me, and I want to taste them all.

So I am off to do just that. I think I'll start with breakfast. Yum. Then I'll get to the sculpture class, painting lessons, knitting, gourmet cooking, gardening, and so forth and so on.

Whew. Looks like it's gonna be another busy one!

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January 23, 2006

Sidling Up

EEEGADS!, Eleven PM. Where the heck did you come from? Sneaking up on me like that. You coulda given me a heart attack!

Make some noise next time, why doncha?

And on an unrelated note, that Subway talking baby is starting to freak me out. Mouths don't move like that, thank you very much. No matter how good the sandwich is.

An in OTHER unrelated news, Strawberry Wine is stuck in my head. What's up with that?

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Three for Thee

Someone remarked that I have been dropping the ball with posting pictures. Someone also threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't get right on that. So, here you are, WonderMom. I mean, Someone.

Now put that Death Ray down... nice and easy.

Continue reading "Three for Thee"

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No Sense

Nothing reassures me quite like seeing a school bus driver with one hand on the wheel, and the other holding her cellphone, happily chatting away. With a busload of kids with no seat belts on.

Don't even get me started on that one.

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Wow. The Constant Gardener. Constantly DEPRESSING.

I think I'll go to bed now, since there's nothing in this world left to live for.

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January 22, 2006


*that's me exploding onto the scene*

Hey guys! What's up?

You must be dying to know how the movie was, right? Right? Of course you are. Well, it was great. We sat too close to the screen because it was sold out and we should've gotten there earlier. Not that I'm blaming King Pen anybody. No, really, I got a little ambitious and thought we had time to eat dinner before the show, and we were rushed. Anyway. We had GREAT seats, if you're ten years old. They rocked. Front and center-- whoohooo!!

So we were up close and personal, which meant, during the love scene, we were...um... face to face with... well, there was skin and er... whatnot. Little uncomfy. There was just no way to get away from it that close up. And my poor neck. Yowch.

Other than that, I really liked it. It was better than the first movie, which people were just way too hard on. The people who didn't like the first one probably won't like this one either, though. But that's okay. They can all go see Brokeback Mountain (which I keep calling Brokedown Palace, an entirely different and much better movie), cause I sure ain't. Gay cowboys. As if.

So that was Friday night. Had lots of fun with the cousin. We have good conversations- it's one of my favorite things about hanging out with him. We talk about really grownup stuff like capitalism and the government and yada yada yada. Good times! Aaaah.... adult interaction. Can't beat it.

He left Saturday, and we bummed around the rest of the day. Sunday was church, and it rained this afternoon as we all took our collective nap. Lovely. And now you're current on all things WonderGirl.

I have to go feed the Duke, but I will be back in a little while to upload a few pics I've taken lately of the kiddlings.

Ta ta, my darlings!

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January 19, 2006


Hey, you know what? I really dig Carrie Underwood's song, Jesus Take the Wheel, and I sing it when nobody is listening. Loudly.

There. I said it.

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Men Have Called Me Mad

Oh no, no, I groan. It's too late, I want to sleep! I don't want to be here, in front of this computer, fashioning something out of nothing. But inspiration will do as it pleases. It waits for no man. Sleep! Ha! Zere is time for zat when you are dead, it says Frenchly.

So what shall we write? What words shall we set free from my frightfully artistic and tortured soul? Who gets their wings tonight?

Oh but I am a simple soul. There is no mystery to me. I live, I breathe, I laugh and cry and love and grieve and die. As we all do.

But it is enough. The spring of who we are is fathomless, our waters run deep. I could write from this moment on for a hundred years and still not drain the well or words that make up Life. There will always be stories to tell, stories to hear. Stories to dream and live, those to rejoice in and those to regret. There is no need to chop off my ear, not tonight at least.

So, off I go, to my horde of unfinished and untold stories. I could be sleeping, dreaming, but that will wait. Sleep will always wait. Inspiration is not so kind.

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January 18, 2006


Hello Beautiful World!

Yesterday, WonderGirl was a bit... unbearable to be around. Ever have days like that? Ill vapors had been accumulating for a few days, until I became downright vile. Ugly, people. So King Pen gently but insistently pushed me to the door, with orders to chill in the bookstore with a cup o'joe.

Being the obedient wife that I am, I acquiesced. I left him in the company of our three wild animals, wishing him luck and singing his praises. I perused the stores, with a bag of tootsie rolls, quietly regaining my usual calm like zen (ha!). And after checking in on the homefront, I even got the go ahead to treat myself to a movie. Sometimes, going to a movie by yourself is simply perfect. I saw Tristan and Isolde, which was a somewhat mediocre performance, but I didn't care one bit. I was just happy to be there. (I really like that name- Isolde. If I ever have another little girl, that shall be her name. I declare it so.)


I came home after five hours of chill time, and I have to say, it worked. Today, I feel rejuvenated, ready to tackle life. Yip!

I would like to say, for the record, my husband rocks. He gets it. Thank you, babe!

And that's all for now. Must go use new found energy on the mountains of laundry... Happy Wednesday LOSTday, everybody.

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January 17, 2006

A Chocolate New Orleans

Hey, don't blame me for that one. Mayor Ray Nagin was the genius behind those words, in a speech about rebuilding New Orleans and maintaining a black majority in the population. "This city will be chocolate at the end of the day." Mmm. Lovely expression there, Mr. Mayor.

Who cares? Seriously- why does it have to be an issue at all? What difference does it make? Peoples is peoples. That's what I say. Rebuild the dang thing and let whoever wants to come back, come back.

(Rest of the article here.)

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January 16, 2006

I am a Death Dealer

Okay. So maybe not. But I could be. If I had the time. But that's a long term commitment, and really all I have is about two hours to spare. Just enough time to go see Underworld 2: Evolution. It's the sequel to Underworld, which is one of my all time favorite movies, and it opens on Friday.

Go ahead. Laugh. I don't care.

And while you do that, I'll join all the other nerds in my city (who I haven't seen since the last Tomb Raider movie) at the theatre, where we will scramble for the the best seat (directly in the middle row, in the middle seat) and exchange Underworld trivia and theories before the show starts. I'll happily munch on my eight gallon tub of popcorn, box of goobers, and 2 liter jug of coke, while living vicariously through Kate Beckinsale in her black leather gothic gorgeousness. The babysitter has been arranged, a fellow UW fan (who has forbidden the use of his real name in this entry*) has plans to join me and King Pen (who will smile and nod at my bubbly DARK enthusiasm like a good husband), and my outfit has been planned. I shall wear the coolest, blackest clothes I own, and I'll probably go heavy on the eyeliner, too. I don't have any fangs to wear, which is probably a good thing, considering the popcorn. Plus, no self respecting Death Dealer flaunts her fangs. Not because it's rude, oh no. It's just unnecessary.

Anyway. I ramble.

Let's just look at our little Kate for a second, mmkay?


She's so cool.

(In unrelated news, did I mention that I am taking up archery? No, really. I am. I'm looking for a simple bow, like the Indians used, and I'm going to start target practice in the backyard. Seriously. By the way, I don't know WHAT kind of weapon she's holding there... some kind of semi-automatic crossbow thingy? I'll need to find out before the movie so I can score some points with the nerds.)

Okay, that's enough for today. Stuff to do. Laundy to fold. Lycans to kill.

*ahem- JOEY*

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January 14, 2006

Descriptive Muscle

I love clever descriptions. Like this one:

"Richard Todd's fine home- the only building built of brick in all Paradise- stood on a little rise just west of the village. The house was like a dowager queen who had lost her way in the woods and settled down, ill at ease, among lesser, ruder beings."

I am fascinated by analogy, but have difficulty wielding it myself. That passage- the house- without knowing any of the details like colors and numbers of windows, etc-- you still get a rich idea of what it would look like just by the analogy. I was amused by the idea of a house uncomfortable among inferiors, which is obviously what the author intended, but at the same time, I had a mental picture of the details without having it spelled out for me.

One sentence painted an entire idea. The power of a good analogy- I don't know if it's something that can be learned or if it's innate, but I am encouraged to try harder in my writing when I read something like this.

Anyway- that's all. Just an observation for a Saturday morning. Have a good weekend, folks!

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January 13, 2006

Days Beginning

How decadent is it that I can be curled up in my bed with a computer? I've not indulged in this particular delight until this very moment, and for the life of me I can't figure out why. A union of two of my favorite things: comfort, and the internet. I'm in heaven.

The morning crashed in with a great roar today. I woke early in the dark to thunder and lightening and rain. One of the nicest things about my bedroom is that I have seven windows. A bit excessive perhaps, but I love it, especially during a storm. I laid there, as much a part of the storm as I could be without getting wet, and I listened. Listened to the heartbeat of nature. I listened for my children, who still launch themselves into my bed when it gets too scary. I listened to the steady rhythm of my husband's breathing. I listened and waited for my part, for my entrance into the day. And when I found the exact moment meant for me, I pulled back my covers and stepped into the morning. As I moved around in the quiet early hours, the dawning light chased away the last vestiges of the storm. Night and darkness slipped away, replaced with coffee and sleepy heads and biscuits and sunshine.

And I am reminded that dark beginnings can make for spectacular endings.

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January 12, 2006


The Duke is now eight months old, and has been crawling for about two weeks. Now, he's also pulling up and standing, until he becomes unbalanced and topples to the hardwood floors. So I can't turn my back on him for a minute. I am glad to see him developing so quickly and I can already see how much he is rushing to be like his big sis and brother. But I am WIPED OUT. Which is why I haven't written much lately. By the time I DO have some time to write, I honestly just don't feel like it. I am tapped out, people! I know this is just a stage, and as soon as he is more sure on his feet, it will probably be easier. Anyway, I will try to be better, but I thought I'd give you an explanation to go along with that. I am not giving up on this blog, and I expect that I will be writing a lot more starting next week, when I have the computer on a more regular basis.

Hang in there!!

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January 10, 2006

Roma, Darling.

Yeah. I'm such a follower. But can I help it if I want to be just like Christin and Jeannette? It's not everyday you have friends so cool they belong in London and Paris!

You Belong in Rome
You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better? (Sorry, Giovanni. I'm taken.)
What City Do You Belong In?

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January 9, 2006

My Kid's Awesome.

He just is.

I noticed about a week ago that HeroBoy's left foot was turning in a little (family trait) and I was concerned that he might need to see an orthopedic doctor. So I made the appointment, and had a few conversations with people about it. I made my usual round of calls, WonderMom, Echo Johnson (formerly Playdo Britt) my mother-in-law, etc. Well, he obviously caught a few of those, because I later overheard him telling Czarina he had to go to the doctor because his foot was turning in....TO A MONSTER!!!

Oh the horror!! The humanity!

The funniest part was that he wasn't alarmed by the idea in the least. I guess there's a pill for everything these days.

What a knucklehead.

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A Gold Rush

We got a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com for Christmas, and it's burning a hole in my pocket. Clear through to the skin. I need to spend it, before it does permanent damage.

I scar very easily.


Anyway- I can't decide what to buy, which is what happens when you've tightened the belt so far that you have to start drilling new holes in the strap. I only ever buy groceries, or on a more exciting day, socks and fabric softener. Certainly not music. Or a book. That's just plain crazy. But this is not a "poor me" post, oh no- this is a "gold, sweet gold!" and a "my uncle totally rocks!" post. WonderGirl happy!

So. Any ideas on how I should spend my new found fortune?

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January 7, 2006


I love the randomness of HeroBoy.

This morning, he karate chopped the air and proclaimed, HEY! YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT TEXAS!

Well, okie dokie then. Oh, defender of Texas (which we do not live in, and I was not disparaging.)

Czarina has her own brand of randomness, which usually presents itself at bedtime, when she's supposed to be sleeping.

"Mom--" she said, out of bed for the fourth time, "my knee stinks."


Posted by WonderGirl at 10:15 AM

Hot From the Oven

Good morning, stranger! Pull up a chair and grab a muffin. They're from a mix, but hey, at least they're hot. And free, so no complainin'. We've been a little out of touch lately, haven't we? I can explain, really. Seriously. I totally have NOT been avoiding you.

Take another muffin.

See, I've been really REALLY busy lately. I went out of town and back AGAIN this week. Czarina starts school Monday, so we wanted to use this last bit of vacation to visit. Okay? So you have no reason to be mad. I wasn't off blogging for anybody else. I was just try to make the most of the time we have since I don't know where we'll live when King Pen graduates. (Which is now five months, twelve days, and eleven hours away- YIP!) Speaking of which, we started the New Year out with a nice treat- a job offer! We aren't really interested in the location, but it was fantastic to be approached this early.

Hm. Fantastic. That word just doesn't work. Really, it was more like phenomenal. Because, let me tell you, this has been a long, rough road. Five years we've invested in this, hoping and trusting that this was the right thing for our family. We've sacrificed more than we knew we had in us, we've been humbled more than we knew possible. To see it finally, FINALLY pay off is amazing. I am incredibly proud of my husband, who has excelled in his studies and somehow has kept this family afloat while going to school full-time at the same time. He's something else. And there will be no one smiling bigger in the stands at graduation than me.

Well, I'm off to do my Saturday things. I'd tell you what they were, but then I'd have to kill you. And properly dispose of the body, which to be honest, takes time I just don't have. So I shall remain shrouded in mystery, like all good superheros.

Enjoy Sabados!

WonderGirl out. *grabbing last muffin with superhero-like flourish*

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January 2, 2006

Through the Lense

Pictures. OhmygoodnessdoIhavesomepictures.

Czarina's last day of school before Christmas break involved carolling at a nursing home, and a Christmas program. Here is Czarina as an angel. We decided on butterfly wings instead of the red feather wings. Cause, ya know. Who's gonna argue the semantics of angelic flight with a five year old? The elderly? Um, no.

After school, we headed to King Pen's parent's house. (By the way, it is at those moments that I begin to dwell on the merits of the minivan. Oh, me wantee.) Anyway, Christmas Eve, gifts were opened from grandparents, and Czarina got Tinkerbell, which was the hit of the holiday. She calls her Twinkerbell, which we don't correct because it's too darn cute. The Duke was also quite enamored with his gift, which he has banged proudly upon since then. After all the gift opening that night, some of the youngsters needed to belly up to the bar for some chocolate milk. More gifty gifty, and general Christmas chaos. Jackson finds a quiet place to watch a little SpongeBob after the gift frenzy.

The next morning, we had proof positive that Santa is clinically insane. He gave my two year old a skateboard. Oh sweet heaven. At least he included a helmet, so maybe that will cut down the trips to the ER by a few. When Czarina saw the bookbag filled with school supplies and activity books that Santa left her, she said sort of surprised, "Wow. Santa gave me a lot of homework." Which she started immedietely, because she's such a good girl. (Lest you think Santa only gave homework, note the dollhouse in the background. He's not All Work and No Play, that Santa.) Meanwhile, I found a little something tucked under the tree for me, too. But it crawled away, so I grabbed it up quick.

Later, at Christmas Part Two (my folk's house), HeroBoy is still HelmetBoy with Grandma. Then he mysteriously disappeared, and this kid showed up. I have no idea who that is. Seriously. After a full day of picture taking, we started to notice something. My sister, Playdo Brittany, is going to the Paul Mitchell University of Hair and All That. (she's getting her Ph.D in hairology. ha.) Anyway, she brought home these two mannequin heads for us to play with, and they kept popping up in pictures. Especially the ones of my cousin Thor-Axe. And in true WonderFamily fashion, we took the joke a little too far. First we put PlayDo Britt in the picture. Then my dad put the heads on broomsticks and attacked Thor-Axe with them. I love that you can see my dad's mischievous head poking up, not to mention the mannequin's delusional love for Thor-Axe.

Here is where the sugar starts to kick in for Czarina. Oh, okay, Thor-Axe and I had a little, too. Notice in that last one that Thor-Axe has straight hair. PlayDo Britt got after him with her tools to see what would happen. Dad, ever the opportunist, figured that a little creative positioning might lend him a few inches, too. Nice try, Dad. A little late to the party, Ashley and Eric ripped into their Christmas stockings like rabid dogs. Kidding. They were very grown up about the whole thing, except that Eric couldn't wait to put his hat on even though it didn't match his shirt. He so crazy.

What you do not see pictured here is the Hick Teeth Family Portrait. In our Christmas stockings this year, Santa gave all the grownups ugly, scary teeth. Really, REALLY ugly. Which we donned merrily for pictures, until we realized they would probably come back to haunt us one day. But by then, it was too late, and cameras had been safely hidden away. Drat.

Well, eventually, we made it back to our house, where we celebrated New Year's Eve with a bonfire in the backyard. Totally, deliciously illegal. Go ahead. Call the coppers. See if I care. We've burned the evidence anyway. Mwahahahaha! Oh, except for the pictures. Here are two sticky kids. With Mom. And Dad. Oh, and yes, we are in shorts, cause it's now 85 degrees again. Um, excuse me- who told winter we were through here? Not me!

Well, that's it, people. If I do anymore, my arms are going to fall off. And then who will take the pictures, hm? You? Are you gonna do it for me?

I didn't think so.

Posted by WonderGirl at 8:47 PM


I love the blank spaces in my life. The moments that are white and empty, waiting to be filled only with my daydreams. They come at stoplights, as I'm running, when I clean... times when there is nothing else I could possibly do but think.

My hands may be busy, but my imagination is unbound, I am free to go anywhere. The past, the present, the future- they are my playground. This is where I go to find inspiration, and why I probably haven't written much lately. There has been no time for blank spaces. But, the busy season is behind me, at least for a little while.

Once again, there is time to think, to dream, to write.

What do you do with the blank spaces in your life?

Posted by WonderGirl at 9:35 AM